Margaret Murphy

Margaret Murphy/AD Garrett


A.D. Garrett is the pseudonym for the writing collaboration between CWA Dagger award-winning novelist, Margaret Murphy, and forensic scientist, Dave Barclay.

Margaret Murphy

Margaret Murphy has written nine internationally acclaimed psychological thrillers. She lectures on writing and is an RLF Writing Fellow. She is founder of Murder Squad, and was Chair of the Crime Writers’ Association from 2009-10. She has been shortlisted for the First Blood award and the CWA Dagger in the Library, and in 2012 she was joint winner of the CWA Short Story Dagger.

Everyone Lies features forensic scientist Prof Nick Fennimore and DCI Kate Simms. Believe No One, the second in this trilogy of forensic thrillers, will be published in July 2014.   Twitter: @adgarrett1

At Crime Story Margaret will be running the breakout session – Forensics in Fiction: every contact leaves a trace…

Can science make a good thriller? You bet it can! This workshop for budding crime writers takes a close look at the forensic science behind A.D. Garrett’s fiction.  From Locard’s Principle to Alternative Light Sources… dip into the forensic science that made the thriller Everyone Lies a Kindle bestseller. With a slide demonstration on forensics, a reading from the novel, and a chance to write your own forensics-based scene.

Books by Margaret Murphy

  • Everyone Lies (2013)
  • Dying Embers (2000)
  • Past Reason (1999)
  • Desire of the Moth (1998)
  • Caging the Tiger (1997)
  • Goodnight, My Angel (1996)
  • Now You See Me (2005)
  • The Dispossessed (2004),
  • Weaving Shadows (2003)
  • Darkness Falls (2002)
  • False Light (2006) in Ellery Queen Magazine
  • Epiphany (2006) in Ellery Queen Magazine
  • False Light (2004) in Liverpool Stories,
  • Big End Blues and A Certain Resolution (2001) in Murder Squad Anthology

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